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How to Determine Your Ring Size: Ways to Measure + Tips & Tricks

by Jennifer Fleites on Mar 07, 2023

Ring stacking is the perfect way to elevate your look, but first you'll need to know which ring size is right for you.

Every curve of you is unique, including those on your fingers. Just like clothes shopping, shopping for rings can be just as frustrating. That’s why we’ve created this guide to make your shopping experience as easy and exciting as possible. Get ready to find your perfect ring size and never have to return a ring again.

Finding the perfect ring size requires you to take into consideration four things: the circumference of your finger, the shape of your knuckles, the thickness of the band, and how you’d like to style your ring. Once you’ve determined these four things, you’ll have found the perfect size that fits comfortably on your finger; loose enough to slide over your knuckle with some resistance, but snug enough to keep the ring from falling off.

Measuring Your Finger

To determine the circumference of your finger, simply wrap your finger with measuring tape and use our sizing guide to convert your measurements. If you don’t have measuring tape handy, don’t panic! Just use our printable ring sizer to determine your finger’s size by clicking the following link: Get Your Printable Ring Sizer.  

Measuring Your Knuckle

If your knuckles are wider than the base of your fingers, then chances are your ring won't slide past your knuckle if you size your ring based on just the base of your finger alone. On the other hand, if your knuckles are smaller than the base of your fingers, then your ring can fall off if not snug enough. This is why you’ll want to adjust your size to account for the size of your  knuckles. To make this adjustment, measure the circumference of your knuckle using the same method you used to determine the circumference of your finger. Then take the average of the two measurements to determine the perfect fit.  

If your knuckles are bigger than the base of your finger, your ring should be big enough to wiggle past your knuckle, but small enough to not slide off.

If your knuckles are smaller than the base of your fingers, your ring should fit tightly but not too tight that it creates a "muffin top" of skin around it. This will prevent it from slipping off while still providing a comfortable fit.

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Consider Your Band’s Thickness

In finding the perfect size, you’ll also want to consider the thickness of your ring’s band. Thick bands cover more of your finger and thus create a tighter fit. This is why we recommend sizing up if the band thickness is greater than 3.5mm.

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Consider How You’ll Be Styling Your Ring

Similar to how we recommend sizing up when looking at a thicker band, we also recommend sizing up if you plan on stacking more than two rings on the same finger. When sized correctly your stack should look clean and smooth, not cramped and painful.

Finding the perfect size involves multiple factors and can be a little overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. Hopefully with this quick guide we’ve created for you, you’ll be able to find a ring that you can treasure forever. Just remember to consider the circumference of your finger, the shape of your knuckles, the thickness of the band, and how you’d like to style your ring, and you’ll be sure to find the perfect size.  

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