To the 9's Tennis Bracelet

Be the envy of the court with this extravagantly gorgeous "To the 9's" Tennis Bracelet. Perfect for a night out, its elegance and timelessness are sure to make you look like royalty. Available in size 7. 

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Gold Vermeil Plating Technique

Gold vermeil jewelry is a stunning option that combines the luxurious allure of gold with the affordability and durability of other metals. While gold plating is often associated with lower-cost alternatives, producing high-quality gold vermeil jewelry requires a meticulous and refined plating technique.

1. Selection of Base Metal:
Sterling silver is the preferred choice of base metal due to its excellent compatibility with gold plating. The silver base provides a stable and receptive surface for the gold layer, resulting in a superior finish that accentuates the brilliance of the gold.

2. Thorough Cleaning and Polishing:
Before the gold plating process begins, the sterling silver components are meticulously cleaned and polished to ensure the absence of any contaminants. Ultrasonic cleaning and steam cleaning are used to remove dirt, oils, and residues, guaranteeing an immaculate surface for the gold application.

3. Precise Gold Plating Process:
Unlike traditional gold plating, where thin layers of gold are deposited, gold vermeil requires a more substantial gold layer. A carefully balanced gold solution is prepared, which typically contains a higher concentration of gold. This specialized solution ensures a luxurious, long-lasting layer of gold that will not tarnish or wear off easily. Skilled artisans carefully immerse the cleaned silver components into this gold solution and apply an electric current to facilitate the deposition of gold particles onto the surface. The plating process is repeated multiple times to achieve our desired thickness of 2.5 microns.

5. Polishing & Sealing:
For extra protection, we use an advanced coating technique that ensures the beauty of our pieces. This process is then followed by polishing to enhance the jewelry's overall appearance and luster.

925 Sterling Silver Details

Sterling silver jewelry is a timeless and classic choice, but over time, it may tarnish and lose its shine. To combat this, we utilize an advanced rhodium plating technique that is followed by polishing and protective coating, enhancing the durability and beauty of our sterling silver pieces.

1. Thorough Cleaning and Polishing:
Before the plating process begins, the sterling silver pieces are thoroughly cleaned to remove any dirt, oils, or contaminants that might hinder proper adhesion.

2. Rhodium Plating:
Rhodium, a precious metal from the platinum group, is renowned for its brilliant white color and exceptional resistance to corrosion and wear. In plating the silver jewelry is submerged in a rhodium electroplating solution. An electric current is then applied, causing rhodium ions to bond with the surface of the silver. This creates a thin but protective layer of rhodium, which transforms the silver's color to a brilliant white and provides a protective barrier against tarnish and wear, preserving the silver's original shine for extended periods - as long as proper jewelry care is taken.

3. Protective Coating:
Following the rhodium plating, a protective coating is applied to the jewelry. This additional layer acts as a shield against everyday wear and tear, helping to maintain the rhodium's brilliance and ensuring the longevity of the jewelry. The protective coating serves as a barrier against scratches, environmental pollutants, and oxidation, safeguarding the sterling silver beneath and preserving the jewelry's pristine appearance.



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